Removing stains has never been this natural!

The chemical-free formula of SOOP Home Lekex enables the product to remove stains easily. It is going to make stain removing easy and also add a great fragrance. It is especially safe to use for babies and children’s clothes and in their rooms. SOOP Home Lekex will be an integral part of your home in a very short time.


Apply SOOP Home Lekex on the stain and wait for 5 minutes. If it is a textile product, you can directly wash it by hand or placed it in the washing machine. If it is furniture like a sofa, all you have to do is rinse it.

Areas of Usage

The product reveals perfect results thanks to its natural formula developed for removing difficult stains. It quickly removes stains and spots on home textile items such carpets and sofa etc. The natural formula of the product provides safe usage for babies’ and children’s items.

It does not contain chemicals like chlorine, SLES, phosphate, paraben, dye and petrochemicals.

It has been tested and approved by an INDEPENDENT LABORATORY. Please click for the relevant report.




Deionized water, <5-15% herbal anionic tenside, <5% herbal nonionic tenside, fragrance